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Frequent questions about boat rental

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What are the obligations of the skipper?

The skipper is responsible only for the navigation of the vessel and for keeping its decks clean. In fact it is normal for the passengers to lend a hand with the navigation and for the skipper to join in with the `on board´ tasks as another member of the group.


Do you have to know about sailing to rent a boat?
No. The Charter Company offers you the possibility of leaving the navigation in the hands of a professional skipper.


Can I select the route if I am accompanied by a skipper?
Yes, but the skipper is the one who knows the zone and who has the meteorological information to make last minute decisions. The safety of all persons aboard and of the vessel itself has priority above all other considerations.


Do I need the Certificate of Competence corresponding to the length of the boat selected?
Yes, for boats rented without skipper.


If I possess the necessary Certificate of Competence but have no experience can I rent the vessel?

Legally you could, but you MUST NOT. Navigating a vessel is a very serious responsibility. Your companions trust you, and at sea you could be caught by surprise at any moment by a change in weather conditions, creating a situation which would put their and your own lives in danger. Some group trips accompanied by a professional skipper can give you the experience that you will need for future un-accompanied trips.



How many people can go in the boat?
It depends on the registration level of the boat. Every boat is registered for operation in a determined sailing zone and for a specific number of passengers. When you make your reservation you must inform the rental company of the number of people that there will be in your group.




Where can I go?.
Wherever you want, as long as you bear in mind that you need one time to go and another to come back. You must also take into account that, depending on the Certificate of Competence which you hold, the distance that you may travel from the coast is limited..



Is it obligatory to sleep in a port?
No, in fact it is a magnificent experience to ancher in a safe place and to spend the night without noise rocked to sleep gently by the waves of the sea.


What equipment will I find on the boat?
The rented vessels are fully equipped for you to sail. You will find everything that you need; nautical charts and courses for the zone, GPS, radar, radio and everything electronic to ensure safe sailing,


What do I have to take on board?
Besides your luggage and provisions you will need to know if the rental includes sheets and towels.


What extra costs are there?
In the first place there is the cost of the rental and then the deposit, which we will return to you in full on the final day of the rental period, provided that the vessel is returned to us in perfect condition. The cost of the skipper if one has been contracted and the cost of the final cleaning which is obligatory.


What costs will we have during our trip?
The mooring cost at the base port is included; the rest of the mooring costs as well as petrol used and provisioning is at the cost of the client.


What happens if I have an accident?
You must get in touch with the rental company to let them know what has happened so that they can take the necessary steps to resolve the problem.


And if the vessel's engine breaks down?
You must contact the rental company, who will usually have a fully comprehensive multi-assistance insurance policy, so that they can send a mechanic to the place where you are in order to fix it.


What is the commitment of the rental company?

The commitment of the rental company is to deliver to the client a boat in perfect condition and fully equipped for a perfect voyage.

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